venerdì 10 agosto 2012


Hello! So today I'm packing because I will leave for 4 days, just going to the beach! So these are the outfits I choose for my little trip. But don't worry I will make a post everyday if I can! Hope you like it! Spread the love!
In my suitcase I put a turquoise little dress ( Bershka ), then I put a black dress to go out in the evening ( Zara ), two pairs of shorts with a t-shirt just to go out during the day, and my fav outfit, the long skirt I told you I bought yesterday with this tank top ( Mango )!

I felt in love with this pair of shoes the first time I saw them, they're form U.S. Polo and are so conf!
This is the other thing I bought yesterday, it was pretty expensive because it has leather sleeves but it was definitely worth it!
And finally this is my outfit for the night out! A Zara dress, covered with floral fantasy, the U.S. Polo shoes and the little Louis Vuitton bag!

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