venerdì 31 agosto 2012

iPhone cover lover!

Helloo! So now a lot of people got an iPhone, and there are a lots of ways to decorate it like with your background, but the best way is to have a cover and people buy an xlarge amount of them! If you want to know how to create a customised iPhone cover just visit my YouTube page (! Anyway, here there are 4 amazing covers for my iPhone that I got yesterday! They pink one was 2€, the one with the flowers was 2,50€, the one with the American flag was 3€ and the one with the bunny ears was 5€ :) hope you like them! x

martedì 28 agosto 2012

Tonight's outfit!

Hello! Here's my tonight's outfit, I'm wearing my snake print Jeffrey Campbell, a pink dress and an H&M clutch :) hope you like it!

domenica 26 agosto 2012

H&M Photoshoot

Hello! There you have a shooting of the new H&M collection that I find incredible with the beautiful Daphne Groeneveld! Enjoy x

sabato 25 agosto 2012

Pool Party!

So yesterday I had a pool party with my friends and these are the picture of it! It was pretty fun and I was wearing this simple fluo bikini! :) x

sabato 18 agosto 2012

Today's outfit

Helloo! So today I think I'll go out with my friends so here's my outfit for the day, just to chill :)
An Aztec skirt that I bought at H&M yesterday, a plain tshirt, black chucks and a big bag also from H&M!
It's really hot today so I'm not in a really good mood and I can't dress in another way, so yeah here it is! x

venerdì 17 agosto 2012

Style Icon: Olsen Twins

Hellooo!! Ok so today i'm here to talk you about my favourite fashion icons: the Olsen twins!They have an amazing taste in fashion and super trendy.Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are simply two beautiful girls, that are always informed about new trends in fashion, hairstyles and makeup.So here i post my fav outfits of the two twins!

giovedì 16 agosto 2012

Trends: Galaxy Print

Helloo! So lately I've been really in love with street fashion, and i've seen a lots of people wearing this galaxy print almost everywhere! Fashion bloggers and YouTubers learned how to do a DIY Galaxy shirt or shoes and I have to say that the effect is awesome for a casual look, to go to college or to chill with some friends! So I post some pictures of my fav Galaxy items that I found on the Internet :)

sabato 11 agosto 2012

New In <3

Hellooo! Today I'm so happy because I went out with my parents and we went for a little shopping and I felt in love with a pair of shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, I think they're amazingly incredible! So here I post some pictures of them, tomorrow more pictures cause you know I'm on holiday! x

venerdì 10 agosto 2012

I'm on my way!

Hey guys! Tomorrow I will definitely post something more interesting, but I wanted to share with you this amazing sunset x


Hello! So today I'm packing because I will leave for 4 days, just going to the beach! So these are the outfits I choose for my little trip. But don't worry I will make a post everyday if I can! Hope you like it! Spread the love!
In my suitcase I put a turquoise little dress ( Bershka ), then I put a black dress to go out in the evening ( Zara ), two pairs of shorts with a t-shirt just to go out during the day, and my fav outfit, the long skirt I told you I bought yesterday with this tank top ( Mango )!

I felt in love with this pair of shoes the first time I saw them, they're form U.S. Polo and are so conf!
This is the other thing I bought yesterday, it was pretty expensive because it has leather sleeves but it was definitely worth it!
And finally this is my outfit for the night out! A Zara dress, covered with floral fantasy, the U.S. Polo shoes and the little Louis Vuitton bag!

giovedì 9 agosto 2012

Today's buys

So today I went shopping with my daddy and I got two things that I really wanted!
A basic and long Zara skirt in a cream color, and a baseball jacket by Adidas that I particularly love cause the sleeves are made of leather! So here there are just the pictures, I will take pics of my self with them soon :) so much love x

How to: Take your make up off

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Today's Hairstyle

Hellooo :)it's been a while since my last post but I just wanted to share with you my hairstyle of the day! I have a messy chignon that I think it looks really classy, I used like a sponge that I bought at H&M I don't actually know the proper name, if you know it leave a comment! Hope you like it! x