martedì 4 dicembre 2012

Ring Collection

Here's my ring collection!

- "Gorgeous ring" H&M
- YSL Arty ring
- Golden Cross ring Forever 21
The other ones are from H&M,, thrift stores, and the coconut ones are from Ecuador!

Hope you like them x

domenica 2 dicembre 2012

The top 5 fav winter bags!

Hello! So today I wanted to list a few bags that a personally really like for the incoming season: WINTER! And also my fav season ;) so here's the list and above the pics! Hope you like it too x

5 - The Stella McCartney Falabella bag, is a really interesting piece, because it can be used as a bag during the day... And for the night out it becomes an amazing clutch! And it also comes in loads of colors!

4 - The Givenchy Antigona, is a really comfy bag because it's handy and you can carry it around everywhere!

3 - The Louis Vuitton duffle, is so pretty and it looks little.. But there's a lot of space inside this little duffle, a classic but never old!

2 - The Celine Boston tote, simply an amazing bag, all the stars are rocking out the Boston tote in a lot of different colors!

1 - The Chanel 2.55, there aren't words to describe this bag, is a classic, is so elegant and also casual with a jean. This bag is perfect in almost every occasion! It's a really expensive piece but it's definitely worth it!

sabato 1 dicembre 2012

December inspirations!

Here there are my inspirations for the month of December! It's my fav month and my birthday is in 2 weeks so.. Yeah! I love December! x

Little Haul - Pull&Bear, Hollister, Zara, Thrift Store

I'm so sorry for not update my blog in a while but I got problems with google!
But I'm here again and today I got a little haul for you and i hope you like it!
First of all i got these Zara pants-leggings with leafs on them, then I got a shirt at pull&bear to match the pants and also a cardigan at Hollister and another pretty jumper!
I also got some accessories at a thrift/vintage store! :)
Hope you like it! I'm so sorry and i will post more, I promise!