mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

Style icon: Kat Graham

I'm sorry that I haven't write a post in a while but I was a little bit busy! So today I wanted to show you one of my style icons, it's the singer Kat Graham, she's gorgeous! First of all if you don't know her you should check her amazing video "Put your graffiti on me" right here! Her style is so fresh and young, I'm seriously in love with her!

This outfit is from the video that I linked you, I'm totally in love with the denim jean jacket!
This other outfit is from her other video "Want it all" (that you can see right here), look at her heels made of feathers, aren't they amazing?!
And last this amazing dress that she wears perfectly!

I love the way she dresses because her body is perfect and she could wear everything she wants to! What do you think of her outfits? :)

2 commenti:

Ioana-Carmen ha detto...

So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X

Sara ha detto...

Yes sure! Already followed :)