giovedì 26 aprile 2012

Thursday Review: Christopher Kane

I thought it would be a great idea to do fashion reviews every thursday. I will write a column every thursday, maybe on a fashion designer or on clothes that I particularly liked. I hope you enjoy it! This week I wanted to introduce one of my favorite designers, he has a really personal style, he is not afraid to use colors and everything he designs in my opinion has something special! I'm talking about Christopher Kane, a London designer now world famous. Those are some of my fav C.K. pieces!

Now shirts are very fashionable, and there are all kinds of them: with studs, some with sequins, shorter in the front and longer behind .. Well million patterns! Christopher Kane's are see-through and reflect the colors of the rainbow, wonderful for a casual outfit!
This dress really makes me mad, the upper part gives a sexy touch to it but it's not making it vulgar. There is always a rainbow fantasy that makes this dress a perfect outfit for a cocktail.
The colour of this jacket is just amazing but the form is perfect anyway, I already see this paired with a beige Balenciaga bag!
As you guys have already figured out I'm crazy for neon colors, these 4 clutches look like they're made with lace, that's something "old" but the colours are so bright, that bring into contrast the modern style with old style.
I am madly in love with these clutches! I am convinced that they're a very original item, is like a toy you can play with, you can pair it with anything, whether elegant or casual. Simply WONDERFUL!

Next thursday there will be another review I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any suggestions or advices just let me know! ♥

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